Digital print on canvas
Version 1: 450×620 cm
Collection Bert Theis Archive, Luxemburg / Milan

Version 2: 220×322 cm
Collection FMAC Mairie de Paris

Aggloville (Paris)

Digital print on canvas / 2002

The city, our essential and indispensable “Umwelt”, is, at the same time, a distorted hell. The Aggloville photomontage series show an urban reality familiar to us, covered, however, by dense vegetation: so as to overturn the familiar metaphor of “urban jungle”. Art as “political sculpture” aims to encourage situations, individual and collective, that may effectively make our cities a better place to live in for everyone.


MAMCO / Genève

Exhibition view / 2007


MUDAM / Luxembourg

Exhibition view / 2019

La ville agglomérée

Domaine départemental de Chamarande / France

Exhibition view / 2006