The Bert Theis Archive promotes cultural initiatives, collaborates with scholars, and participates in the realization of retrospective and collective exhibitions in both private and public spaces, organizing the loan of artworks owned by the Archive and private collectors. It takes care of the archiving of works and historical materials, publications relating to exhibitions and events, books, press reviews and photographic material. It ensures the conservation of the aforementioned, also making it available for study purposes at its headquarters. The Archive holds the copyright of the works and writings of Bert Theis. Regardless of the ownership of works, the right of reproduction remains strictly with the Archive. For the reproduction of writings or interviews as well as images of works, a written request for the authorization of use must be sent to this Archive. Last but not least, the task of the Archive remains to encourage, promote and support the activist and community spirit that guided Bert Theis in his entire body of work.

Management Committee

Mariette Schiltz  /  president

Enrico Lunghi  / vice president

Marco Scotini  /  scientific director

Rob Engel  / treasurer

Nora Blaise  / secretary

Scientific committee

Marco Scotini

Charles Esche

Hou Hanru

Vasif Kortun



Erna Hecey


Angelo Castucci

Rob Engel

Mariette Schiltz

Edna Gee